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My product will no longer be available in stores. However, I am keeping my online store open and lowering all prices of the covers! 

If you have any concerns, please email me: healinghelen@me.com

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Decorative Pillows

Functional Art with a modern and timeless feel

About the artist

Follow your journey! Follow your heart! Follow your soul!

I always loved drawing when I was younger, but life had got in the way and so my art was set aside. After 13 years, I started to draw with my niece and got hooked again. I only ever showed my art to family, but this time, I took a chance and wanted to show anyone and everyone my art. People were very interested and wanted to see more! They wanted art cards and prints so they could have a piece of my art with them. But I knew I was trying to find a way of sharing my art but in a more functional way. Well...

HELLO PILLOWS! After many different product developments, I found that the pillows were the best fit for my animal inspiration art. People are able to hold their animal spirit close and feel their own spirit come alive. 

I truly believe that we do attach ourselves to certain animal spirits to help guide us on our life's journey. Each animal spirit pillow portrays their soulful story by using patterns, shapes, symbols and, sometimes, hidden words. I hope you take a moment to look at each piece and feel what they are trying to say to you!

Be Well!

Custom Artwork and Drums

Something truly an original!

Allow me to tell the story of your pet or spirit animal on paper or on a hand-painted drum. These unique pieces of art will make for an amazing conversation piece, but will hold such emotion that will let your heart be filled with love.

I enjoy creating pieces on a stiff, bright white Illustrator board with archival black pen or paint on locally made elk-hide drum. 

Paper: 16x20" matte with 11x14" opening - $300

Hand-Painted Drum: depending on drum size - $200-600

Need a larger piece, let us talk! Email me anytime: healinghelen@me.com

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