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Once I heard what my friend was going to be doing, I knew that I wanted to help in any sort of way. Being a start-up business, monetary funds was not the option, however, I had a great design that will help put a face to her cause.

What is she doing? Jenn and her sister will be swimming from Hornby Island, off the coast of Vancouver Island, to Denman Island. This is a 2200 metre swim in frigid waters on September 22. This is to raise awareness on the negative effects wild salmon has on our coastal waters, as well as the main food source to our orcas. She has teamed up with the RV Martin Sheen of the Sea Sheperd where the funds will go directly to for their "Operation Virus Hunter". Even though the Sea Sheperd has already been successful in helping with shutting down a farmed salmon facility, the funds will help to cover the costs of the entire operation.

What am I doing to help? Well, it would only make sense to use Orca's Spirit as the logo for my friend's great journey she is encompassing. Let us spread the word and raise more funds to save our Orca's!!!! 

Here is Jenn's GoFundMePage to help out more and SHARE:


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