Watching and Making It Grow!

This is where I sit a few minutes a day or a few hours a day. This all revolves around  balancing my time correctly when you have a husband, children, a farm, many animals and a budding business.

I have decided to step out of my comfort and truly devote time, effort and the money into growing my wonderful business that flourished out of thin air. I would have never thought I would be creating the art that I do or even go in this amazing journey. I am happy that I have and have found myself to be stronger and still learning more about myself each and every day.

I am happy to share my journey with you and would love to help anyone along a similar path. Welcome to my life and glad to have you on my journey as well!

Be Well!!!

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  • Hi Helen, can you do custom drawings on your pillows? I love the look of the Quadra Serenity pillow but am wondering if you can draw a scene from my parents balcony for my mom. Please let me know if you can do this and the cost and I’ll forward some images over. Thanks!


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